Fluke SolveFluke-Solve™ is the result of in-depth research by veterinary fish experts who have recognised the need for ornamental fish keepers to have access to high quality veterinary pharmaceutical products which are both safe and effective. The active ingredient in Fluke-Solve™ is praziquantel which has been used in a range of fish species for the control of a variety of fish parasites since the early 1990’s, with specific studies in carp for cestode (tapeworm) infestations as well as ectoparasites such as monogean trematodes, or flukes.

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Extensive trials have shown no toxic effect of Praziquantel, the active ingredient of Fluke-Solve™on the natural wildlife of the pond or on biofilters or plants.

Fluke-Solve™ powder is in an easy-to-use format (just rip and tip the sachet into some pond water, stir, and return to the pond) which can even be used at cold temperatures – it has been successfully trialled at temperatures as low as 3˚C. One single treatment is all that is required for adult live-bearing flukes and larvae – and so long as you don’t do any major water changes (filter cleaning is fine) then this will have a significant effect on egg-laying gill flukes as well. However, there are no fish-safe treatments which will kill fluke eggs, so in order to completely break the cycle we recommend that you treat again after 3 weeks or so to maintain a therapeutic level of praziquantel in the pond which will kill any hatching larvae, and hence completely break the fluke life cycle. Not only that, but independent trials showed that it dramatically reduces Trichodina on the fish. It is also perfectly safe to use with salt in the pond (it is extensively used in marine systems).

As with a range of medicinal products for use in ponds or tanks, it is advisable to turn off protein skimmers, and isolate trickle towers when adding the product to the pond or tank since these can act as fractionaters and remove the active ingredient from the water. Also some of the very efficient carbon-based filter media can also remove the active ingredient.

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There are now three convenient sachet sizes –

  • 10 grams to treat 2500 litres (550 gallons)
  • 50 grams to treat 12500 litres (2750 gallons)
  • 100 grams to treat 25000 litres (5500 gallons)

Fish Treatment Ltd also recognised the importance of keeping healthy parasite-free aquarium fish , and supply Fluke-Solve™ Aquarium, in a handy 10g pack with a scoop which measures 1 gram for easy dosing to small tanks.