Fluke-Solve™ Aquarium

Ornamental fish such as discus can harbour a variety of parasites, and often they remain undiscovered until they have been introduced into a new aquarium. This can be a particular problem with fish which have originated from the wild.

Stress can also be a major threat to these fish because of the complete change in their habitat and lifestyle, and so any parasite treatment must be efficient and safe – frequent treatments will not only stress these fish further, but can also pose a risk of the very parasites you are trying to treat developing resistance to some treatments.

Fluke-Solve™ is a specially designed fluke treatment for Discus and other aquarium fish. It contains 50% praziquantel in a unique presentation. Praziquantel will remain active for at least 3 weeks in tank water, and in order to maintain this therapeutic level to take care of hatching larvae from egg-laying parasites, not only do we recommend dosing once and then repeating this dose after an interval of 3 weeks, we also recommend you top up withe Fluke-Solve Aquarium after carrying out any water changes to make sure you keep the praziquantel at the therapeutic level throughout this treatment period to make sure you kill the emerging parasites and reduce the risks of these parasites becoming resistant to the product:- see the diagram below on how to measure small doses.

There is no need to turn off the UV during this treatment period and the product is safe for biological filters.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Fluke Solve Aq

  • Comes in a handy 10 grams sachet to treat 2500 litres (550 gallons)
  • Easy to use – dissolves quickly without boiling or solvents
  • Effective – one dose kills adult flukes and larvae
  • Simple dosing regime – give the first dose at the recommended rate as on the label – leave an interval of 3 weeks -then give the same dose again between doses to break the parasite life-cycle. Top up following water changes.
  • Filter-safe and plant safe
  • Measuring scoop for small tanks


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