Chloramine T

Chloromine LabelChloramine T has been well established as a very useful pond and tank treatment since it is effective against a wide range of water-borne bacteria and parasites.

It can be used even at low temperatures when the fishes immune systems can be very sluggish, or if there are high levels of bacteria or some parasites which may overwhelm the fish. Chloramine T has a good effect against Myxobacteria and other harmful bacteria,  Ichthyobodo (Costia), and White Spot. It is ideal as a general purpose treatment and is of value in reducing the water bacterial count where ulcer or septicaemia problems are occurring. Because in most cases Chloramine T is effective at low levels always err on the side of caution and use low doses.

At normal dose rates Chloramine T will not harm filters or plants.

Prior to use – Because of the reactive nature of Chloramine T it should not be used at the same time as any other fish treatments, other than salt.

Take care also when using in soft water and at low pH.

Do not treat fish in bright sunlight and turn off any UV in the system for 24hrs.

Chloramine T is available in a convenient pack size of 50 grams.