Vetark Aqua-Sed™

Aqua Sed LabelVetark Aqua-Sed™ is a phenoxethanol anaesthetic. It is a liquid with a very wide safety margin and has been used for anaesthetising fish for many years (reports go back to 1943!). The unique pack also includes a dosing pump which makes accurate dosing of the sedative much simpler – a useful safety feature for products of this type.

Aqua-Sed™ also presents a significant leap forward for petfish welfare- it carries instructions on how to humanely euthanase petfish, by calmly and quietly overdosing them. This is the only product currently available for fish with this recommendation.

Fish Anaesthesia

Although fairly easy this isn’t something to be done lightly. Any anaesthetic carries a risk, sometimes because the animal has an unknown/undiagnosed condition which causes a problem. For this reason we aren’t keen on the common practice of routine anaesthetics for koi carp ‘just to check them out’. However there are lots of good reasons to use sedatives with pet fish.

GOLDEN RULES for anaesthetising fish:-

  • Don’t try to hurry the process
  • Plan it properly
  • Anaesthetised fish MUST be watched throughout the procedure
  • Don’t take them deeper than necessary, inevitably the level of anaesthesia will deepen a little when the fish is removed from anaesthetic due to the drug absorbed but not yet ‘hitting the spot’.
  • Take your time (same as number 1, but it’s that important!)
  • Don’t put anaesthetics into the pond, always do this process in a separate container